Patron : St. Patrick
Established : 1972
Address : Pallotti Sadan, Kuturwa, C/O Catholic Church, Kosabadi, KORBA – T.S. 495 681, Korba Dt., CG
Catholics : 1500

In the year 1972, Rev. Fr. Charles Tirkey and Bro. Abu (now Rev. Fr. Abraham Tailamnal, SAC) started to stay in this area to find out the possibility of opening a station. The house was built in 1974. In and around Kuturuwa there are about 70 villages of which 17 are Catholic villages. At the initial stages the pioneers worked hard though they had to face a lot of hardships even walking upto 35 kms to reach the centre. During the rainy season this was the only mode of transport. Assisi Sisters of Mary Immaculate are helping in this parish with pastoral ministry and education. Pallottine Fathers endure with their pastoral activities.