Milestone Year
Raipur was established a Prefecture 06/01/1964
Placed the Prefecture as suffragan to the Archdiocese of Bhopal 28/07/1964
Raipur was erected into a Diocese 05/07/1973
Msgr. John Weidner SAC., nominated as Apostolic Administrator 08/02/1974
Msgr. Werner Hunold SAC.,nominated as Apostolic Administrator 01/09/1975
Installation of Bishop Philip Ekka SJ. 06/01/1985
Appointment of Msgr. Joseph Augustineas Bishop 30/12/1992
Episcopal ordination of Bishop Joseph Augustine 07/02/1993
Appointment of Bishop Joseph Augustineas Archbishop 18/03/2004
Installation of Archbishop Joseph Augustine 06/06/2004
Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Victor Henry Thakur 11/11/1998
Appointment of Bishop Victor Henry Thakur as Archbishop 03/07/2013
Installation of Archbishop Victor Henry Thakur 19/09/2013