Patron : St. Isidore the Farmer
Established : 1985
Address : Catholic ChurchAundhi 491 229Manpur (Via), Rajnandgaon (Dt), C.G.
Catholics : 1400

Manpur area was looked after from Dalli-Rajhra. In this whole area a lot of Oraon tribal people from Chotanagpur have migrated and settled here since many years. In 1985 Rev. Fr. Ignatius Kerketta was appointed as the first priest-in-charge. The first church building and the hostel for boys were constructed during his time. As the number of hostel students increased a new school was started by Fr. John Ponnore. As the catholic population increased a new spacious church was built and blessed on April 21, 2016. Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyons are rendering their services here. The sisters run a hostel for the girls and the priests manage the hostel for the boys. The villages are far and so the priests visit villages and offer Holy Mass in different places for the convenience of the people.