Patron : St. Mary’s
Established : 2017
Address : Catholic Church, Ramgarh, Khairwar Road, Dt. , Mungeli (P.O) – 495334 C.G
Catholics : 120

Mungeli Mission was a part of Belghana Mission in Bilaspur district and in the year 2012 on Jan 1st Mungeli became a separate civil district the need to start a mission center there was felt. Rev. Fr. Bhakti Bhushan Horo, as the Parish Priest (Priest in Charge) of Belgahna Mission showed interest in starting a mission Centre at Mungeli. He expressed his desire to then Archbishop Joseph Augustine who encouraged him and also requested the faithful to look for the land.

In the year 2013, when the Archbishop Victor Henry Thakur took charge of the Archdiocese, the effort to search for a piece of land was speeded up and eventually a piece of five acre of land was purchased on June 18,2016 in the Ramgarh Panchayat in the vicinity of Mungeli town.

Rev. Fr. Praful Ekka was appointed priest-in-Charge on June 10, 2017, until then Rev. Fr. Deepak Lakra, Priest-in-charge of Belgahna was taking care of Mungeli Mission. Rev. Fr. Praful Ekka stayed in a rented house and served the mission.

The new Mungeli Mission Centre was officially inaugurated on June 18, 2017 by the Vicar General, Rev. Fr. Sebastian Poomattam with the Holy Mass. Immediately after the inauguration of the new mission, construction was for a Prayer Hall and the Priests’ residence began and it will be blessed on June 14, 2019.