Patron : St. Thomas
Established : 1976
Address : Catholic Church, LAWAN – 493 526, Via Baloda Bazar, Baloda Bazar Dt., C.G.
Catholics : 510

Lawan was erected an independent parish on 24th February, 1976 and Rev. Fr. Jacob Puthenkandom was appointed the first Parish Priest. We have today a lively Satnami Catholic Community here.The Sisters of the Sacred Heart Congregation of Palai Province opened a dispensary here. Along with their medical apostolate, they are also actively involved in pastoral work such as village visit, catechesis, etc. There is a Hindi medium School run by the Archdiocese and the sisters run the nursery section of the school.

Rev. Fr. Mathew Valiyathara completed the church dedicated to St. Thomas the Apostle and it was blessed on July 3, 1982. Two sub-stations Baloda Bazar and Sonadih are taken care of from Lawan. In Sonadih there is a cement factory and because of that there are some catholic families. Baloda Bazar is the District headquarters and that has brought in a few catholic families there. The Sacred Heart sisters run an English Medium school there. Holy Mass is offered regularly on Sundays in both Sonadih and Baloda Bazar.