Patron : St. Joseph
Established : 1933
Address : St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Byron Bazar, RAIPUR – 492 001, CG
Catholics : 2600

Rev. Fr. Joseph Lovorel, MSFS, a French priest from Vishakhapattanam was posted at Kamptee in August 1846, from where he made frequent visits to the Catholics in the area, especially at Raipur. He had a zealous young companion, Rev. Fr. Domenge who visited this area as often as he could. On March 19, 1854 the first team of missionaries arrived at Raipur. They were Rev. Frs. Balmond, MSFS, Bozon-Botemps, MSFS, three Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery, a widow and a girl. This was the most humble beginning of the church in Chhattisgarh region.

With efforts of the Catholics at Raipur, they put up a small building  for the purpose of Christian Worship in the year 1859. In the year 1874, Rev. Fr. Joseph Buttay, MSFS became the first permanent priest. He is regarded as the first Apostle of Chhattisgarh. Rev. Frs. John Thevanet,Souchen, Corochet, Palluel, Francis Wengert, Antony Wengert, Francis D’Souza, Werner Hunold, Lorenz Scheu, Brian Tiernan, Vincent Lukas, Francis Paul, Mathew Mattapalli and George Vempilly rendered their service for this church besides our Archdiocesan Priests. Pallottine Fathers are working in the parish area especially with their education ministry and have their Apostolic School here. The new Cathedral was built in the year 1982 by Fr. Joseph Chirapuram.

The Sisters of the Holy Cross of Chavanod, the Missionaries of Charity and the Sisters of the Mercy of the Holy Cross (SCSC) render medical, educational, and pastoral services.